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  1. splimwad
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hi There.
    I need a bit of help with posting and how they should be set up.
    I can create pages and publish no problem. However, when I decide to do a post on my site, they never appear in the search results?
    I'm not too bothered about them popping up on page one. But it would be nice for them to appear somewhere :)
    Is a post different to a page?
    Here is my site
    if I locate an old blog post and copy some text from it and then search for that same text, the search finds this link
    But it doesn't find the actual post. I have set up my photo to appear which is nice, but don't think I am doing things right.
    the search may also find this... /author/admin/
    or this... evolution-hypnotherapy.com/2012/05/

    I am obviously doing it all wrong and if anyone can offer a little help i would be very grateful indeed.
    Very best regards

  2. Krishna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    if I locate an old blog post and copy some text from it and then search for that same text, the search finds this link

    Are you referring to something because of this?

  3. splimwad
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks for responding Krishna
    I am not sure what that means though?
    I have set up my main site and obviously my site is listed in google. However my posts can't be found, so I wondered if it was the way I was doing it.
    For example I created a post called 'breathing and anxiety' (this is in the URL)
    However, I can't find the post in the search results. The results may show the author/admin/
    or the /2012/05/
    but not the actual post address.
    I just wondered if there was a reason for this and how I can set it up correctly?
    many thanks

  4. Krishna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    The key phrase breathing and anxiety shows 28,300,000 results (28.3 million) on Google SERPs. Out of these, where do you expect to find your pages/ posts? Have you seen all these results? Where? How deep can you go?

  5. splimwad
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Thanks, I'll narrow the search down a bit
    if I type "evolution hypnotherapy" breathing and anxiety
    It doesn't find the URL as I would expect it to, it finds lots of other URL's but not the one I would expect?
    The actual url of the post itself (/breathing-and-anxiety/) doesn't seem to feature and this makes be think that i am doing it wrong? It finds lots of other pages. It actually finds the 'mobile' version of my site rather than the site itself for that blog entry.

    Thanks for looking into it, I really appreciate your input.

    Many thanks

  6. Krishna
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Here is the easiest way to see if you are indexed and other results (only Google).
    1. Submit your site to Google and submit a sitemap.
    2. Track and monitor the results through Google Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics (if both are not integrated).

    For details, login to your Google account (any) and look for the above. You have to keep on doing it till you get the results on the first and second pages. No need to speculate or wonder as to what is happening, as you will get the real time results.

    Also, type site:http://evolution-hypnotherapy.com on Google search box (208 results).

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