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  • Hello, I was asked to take over a WordPress install that someone else designed. They used the Portfolio feature of WP which I haven’t used. In this case, the blog is for a retail store that sells rugs. They will want rugs added and other rugs marked as sold. I was asked to mark three rugs as sold but can’t figure out where the images are stored or how to modify them, or at least I should say where two versions of the image are and how to update them. If you go to the bottom of this page:

    Kilim You will see two rugs with the same name, Azerbaijan Sumack Kilim. On the left one, you will see the rug “thumbnail”, if you click the rug image you will see another larger version of the image, and if you click the “read more” button you will see the image I marked “Sold”.

    On the rug to the right of it, somehow I deleted the “thumbnail” image and if you click “read more”, you see the “sold” version.

    So it seems there are three versions of the image.

    1. Thumbnail
    2. the image the comes up if you click the image,
    3. the version that comes up if you click read more

    I can’t figure out where the first two versions are stored and why when I changed the version (3), that the other two versions didn’t also change to “sold”.

    I haven’t added a new rug yet, but thought the process would be to upload the new rug to the “media” section, then I would go to the Portfolio section and “add new” and enter the image, the title, and choose the category for it to go into. Since I am confused about image versions 1 and 2 above, I don’t know if it will automatically create all three versions automagicaly?

    Pardon my ignorance on this. Have been working with WP for quite a few years, but haven’t used this feature and I am totally dazed and confused.

    thanks so much

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  • Looks like that’s a commercial theme and one that’s not released under the GPL licensing requirements of WP – which means that we really cannot support it here. Have you asked the developers/vendors of the theme for help?

    I see a link to templatemonster and the theme says it is from, but didn’t know that Portfolio had anything to do with either of those. Thought Portfolio was a part of WP. there is nothing on the Portfolio screens that indicates a source for it, as a result I thought it was a WP feature or option that I was unaware of. When I was looking for information I found yet another site that mentions something called Portfolio, but doesn’t seem to be related to a theme.

    Guess I don’t understand the connection between the theme and Portfolio unless someone made a theme and they incorporated into it something called Portfolio.


    I went to Template Monster and it says the theme has been removed. I went to and they don’t appear to have templates available despite the name so both links I have to a source of it have lead to a deadend.

    Christine Rondeau


    Volunteer Forum Moderator

    When you upload a new image, WordPress makes different versions of the image depending on the original size of the image.
    Say for example you upload a 4000 x 2000 image.
    By default, WP will make a large (1024 px wide)
    medium (300px wide)
    small (150px x 150px)

    There are the defaults and can be changed if you go to Settings > Media.
    You can also add additional image size.
    More info about all of this can be found at –

    Anyway, if you look at your HTML source, code, you’ll find the url to all your images. Here’s just an example:

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]" title="Bessarabian Wedding Piece"><img src="" alt="Bessarabian Wedding Piece" /><span class="zoom-icon"></span></a>

    So in there, you can see that there are 2 images that will need changing if you want to insert the word sold on them.×209.jpg

    Hello Christine….I understand that WP makes the different sizes, but for the image on the page the code says img src=” “, so there is no image affiliated with the thumbnail. I could replace the image, but that doesn’t help me figure out how to change the URL so it knows what image to display. Somehow in the process of doing what I did the URL for the image got zapped. That is why the second image is isn’t that the image is missing, it is the link to the image is missing…does that make sense?

    Thanks so much!

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