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  • hi

    i posted this earlier but the post got cocked up because i included some code without using tickbacks. here’s the corrected version.

    appreciate any help with a plugin i am developing.

    i have created a menu that appears in the admin dashboard page of wordpress. if you select the menu option, a table listing xyz is displayed. by clicking on the table heading, the order of the display would change from ascending to descending or vise versa. also only 10 items are displayed. there is also an option at the bottom of the display to display the next 10 items when clicked. this all works fine if run outside of wordpress. i would use … mt_toplevel_page.php?sortBy=title as the href link … to call the page and set the sortBy variable and the items are displayed accordingly. with the pagination, i am using…. $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?page=".$i."&sortBy=".$sortBy … which calls the page and sets the page variable which then displays the relevant items.

    my question is, what do i do to enable this to work within the wordpress menu page. i.e what do i put in place of mt_toplevel_page.php?sortBy=title and .$_SERVER['PHP_SELF']."?page=".$i."&sortBy=".$sortBy. to ensure that it works?


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