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  • I just applied the Pink Lilies design to my blog, and it looks lovely in Firefox. But it’s bizarre in IE, and I can’t fix it! Can anybody tell me where it went wrong? The header’s obviously whacked, and the font is HUGE–it runs over the menu.



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  • It looks odd in FF, I would give it a margin-left: 150 px; to the rap and corresponding divs to center it on the page. I have IE firewalled on the pc that I am currently on so I can not take a look at it in IE at this moment.

    Wow that is odd in IE, it looks like you are missing a div tag somewhere, but it centers correctly in IE start with validation and look for any missing or open tags.

    Just checked to see if it validates and their are several errors with divs, solve those and leave your css alone and it should work correctly


    I moved it to the center in FF, and managed to close out the header, but it’s still really wrong in IE.

    I’ll try the validation thing. Unfortunately, my lack of skills with this stuff is one of the reasons I went with Pink Lilies.

    Thanks for your help.

    It does not look too far off now, IE has the footer and header aligned correctly but the body is whacked, if you can wait I will look at it tomorrow otherwise good luck

    I took out the margin-left: 150 px because it made FF look right, but really put things out of whack on IE.

    Now, other than the fact that they’re both far left, and the header/footer are out of line in IE, it doesn’t look bad. Not right, though. After I fixed a couple of tags, I did the Validator at W3, and it seemed to check out okay.

    I’m off to bed now, but if you do have a chance to look at it tomorrow, I’d greatly appreciate it.

    I’ve looked at this until my eyes have crossed, but I just can’t figure this one out. I really like the look, and don’t want to change yet again, so if anybody could look at in FF and IE and help me out, I’d be forever thankful.

    By adding the margin-left: 150px to it, I can make it look okay (centered) in FF, but that makes IE even more messed up than it is now. The validation said everything was okay, and I just don’t know enough about div tags to see what could be messed up.


    That { margin-left: 150px;} was just a quick fix looking at it for a couple of secs last nite, I will delve into it deeper to see if I can figure what is a wry for IE

    To start with I would try text-align:center; to the rap div

    This is a tip to anyone who is trying to make Pink Lilies look correct with WP 1.5+. My problem was with IE. However, in Firefox it looks perfect like on The problem was the far right-hand gutter would not show the Pages, Catagories, Search, etc. This is using the public source files from [ ].

    I found the fix here [ ] on the author’s site. Go down to Frederick’s comments “The problem is caused by get_link_list() adding <h2>-tags around the link-category names. A workaround is to remove the <h2> and </h2> from line 504 in /wp-includes/list.php ( for WP 1.5, the file is LINKS.php, not list.php and i modified line 551).

    I can toggle different themes, view Firefox, etc. & everything seems fine with the <h2> tags removed. also, i created a Pink Lilies theme by copying / re-naming the “classic” directory & then adding the correct style.css, images from the public “” file.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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