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  • Hi – I just installed wordpress and I’ve been working on my own theme. For some reason (maybe related to my css styles), my page is not showing any space between paragraphs in my postings. I cannot figure this out… I would greatly appreciate some help!

    You can see an example of this on If you look in the source, you’ll the see <p> tags throughout the first posting, but for some reason there is no blank space in the browser. I’ve looked through the css many times and can’t find the cause…

    I know the page is screwed up right now, but I assume the space/margin after a <p> should function properly…

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  • Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    I fail to see what you’re talking about. You only have a few paragraphs there, and they’re on separate lines.

    What are you expecting to happen? You don’t have any specific paragraph CSS. The closest thing to apply is this:

    * {

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