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  • Ricardo11


    Got a couple of questions I hope people here may be able to help me with…

    I currently use the default theme for my site. My site blog is at Some links are broken but the site is only being developed.


    1. Is it possible to have my sidebar turned on for some pages and off for others. If so how do I go about this?

    2. Is it possible to incorperate my own html tables as part of my pages? When I try to insert html code into a page for a table I see the table in full but when I submit the page only the first row on the table actually shows.

    3. If number 1 is not possible, is it possible to start with a blank page incorperating just my header and navigation bar across the top… I sometimes use dreamweaver to create sites but am having difficulties merging it with my theme.

    Thanks for help in advance…

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  • ZMAng


    1. Yes, this is possible. Refer to the WordPress Codex on wp_list_cats() and its parameters. The parameter you’ll be interested in is the “exclude” parameter.

    2. You must enter your HTML via the non-WYSIWYG interface (press HTML on the WYSIWYG toolbar or turn off the rich editor).

    3. You should be able to put any custom HTML, e.g. header, nav bar via the Theme Editor.



    Regarding question 1. I checked that information out although I’m not sure it’s what I was meaning. Maybe I’m missing something but what I meant was, is it possible to have my sidebar showing for one of my pages yet create another page and have the sidebar turned off?

    The second question I asked about html coding, could you explain what the non-WYSIWYG interface is? When I post a page the rich editor appears, I click on the HTML code section a box pops up. In there I insert my html code for my table and it shows up on my page. When I submit my page however and view it on the web only the first row of the table is visable. When I go in to edit the page all the HTML coding is gone except for the first row. Thats what confuses me.




    1. I apologise, I misread what you intended. What you want is still possible. Check Conditional Tags. They will allow you to set conditions for the display of your sidebar, e.g. only on certain pages, categories, etc.

    2. By default in WordPress 2, the rich editor is turned on – that’s the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. And in fact, the steps you are already taking are correct. I suggest turning off the rich editor via the Users tab (a checkbox at the very bottom), and trying it again.



    Thanks, I checked out that page you gave me and it is helpful. I read the following section:

    Do you know where I would place that code in my page or admin section in order to edit? I assume it would be in the sidebar section somewhere?

    I’m basically looking to assign certain pages to not have the sidebar when viewed. I’m not great with the coding.



    Edit your Sidebar template via Presentation >> Theme Editor.



    I’ve tried using that code but find it quite complicated.

    Basically every page on my blog will have the same sidebar ( however there are 6 pages in specific that have tables in them that will be to wide for the standard page including a sidebar and so for them 6 pages I would like to have the sidebar turned off.

    Is there a code that allows them pages not to show the sidebar when viewed but instead spread the pages information over the width of the page?

    If so, what is the code and where do I insert it?

    Thanks again.



    You rather delete than insert code = namely, the call the sidebar, which looks something like:
    <?php get_sidebar() ?>

    Basically, you should cretae a new Page Template and make those 6 Pages of yours using the new template.

    However, before you proceed I’d strongly recommend to pick another theme for this operation!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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