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  • Could someone help me out with getting my page titles to work correctly?
    I would like them to function like what I see at Alex King’s site
    I was trying to fool around with this setup but couldn’t get it to work.
    Then I tried putting <title><?php wp_title();?></title>
    in index.php that worked for all the individual posts, but then the main page title was generic.

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  • Looks like he’s edited his Permalink Options to have a certain permalink structure where the link is the entry TITLE. (That’s just my guess; I’m a neophyte at this too!) If I’m right, then under Options, choose Permalink Options. Here’s some info from that page:

    WordPress offers you the ability to create a custom URI structure for your permalinks and archives. The following “tags� are available:
    %year% --- The year of the post, 4 digits, for example 2004
    %monthnum% --- Month of the year, for example 05
    %day% --- Day of the month, for example 28
    %postname% --- A sanitized version of the title of the post. So "This Is A Great Post!" becomes "this-is-a-great-post" in the URI
    %post_id% --- The unique ID # of the post, for example 423
    So for example a value like /archives/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ could give you a permalink like /archives/2003/05/23/my-cheese-sandwich/ .
    For this to work you’ll need mod_rewrite installed on your server for the rule generation rule to work below. In the future there may be other options.

    Hope this helps.

    Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough what I meant.
    I am talking about the title that appears at the top of the browser window. I have permalinks enabled already, and that isn’t where the problem lay.. my problem is getting the proper information in the title bar

    i am interested in what clay is saying too.
    for example can you display certain things on the home page, certain things on the category pages etc – other than what the template tags allow. … maybe using some php variables?

    I just setup a testing site using the 1.2 beta, and it seems that what I am talking about is the default setup for 1.2b

    true but i wonder if there is a way to make titles different for archives etc without using those tags – similar to the $single variable.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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