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  • We just signed up with Blue Host. I have a theme I want to use, but don’t know how to get it loaded so I can use it. Right now it’s showing the Kubrik theme … and I want to change that to a different theme. Can anyone help me out?

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  • Each theme includes a certain range of files (check the kubrick folder to see what they are generally) as well as an image folder and a stylesheet named style.css; these files/folders must be contained within a named theme folder – cf “mytheme” folder with an “images” folder, and the various files including style.css.

    The style.css file should have a comment section laid out as you see in the kubrick style.css – the name of the theme is how wp knows to load a specific theme for use.

    I’d suggest downloading some of the many themes available for wp, look at the way they’re set up, and that should give you some pointers as to getting your custom theme working. To start with, see the “Extend” tab at the top of this page.

    Sooooo, say I wanted to use the Desert Theme that I found on the ThemeFinder …. there isn’t a way to upload it with just a click of a button and voila! There’s the Desert Theme when I look at my blog?

    That’s kinda what I was getting at …

    Yes. Do as you say, upload in its own folder to your /wp-content/themes folder, then open your blog’s admin section, navigate to the Presentation tab, and you should see in the list of themes there “Desert” theme. To the right, click “Select”. Then click “View Site” next to your blog title at the top – you should see the Desert theme.

    A-ha! Figured it out … thanks anyway!! *big grin*

    That’s good! Best to you, have fun!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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