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  1. ehagglebids
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I am not sure what to pick.

    I install the enable multisites plug-in and it says Because your install is in a directory, the sites in your WordPress network must use sub-directories.

    This is not the case I have one Shared hosting account with a dedicated IP with unlimited domain name add on and sub domains add on.

    I created a add on domain called http://www.blog.mysite.com in turn that made a folder called http://www.blog.mysite.com and that is the place I in installed my wp mu site.

    If I select to set up as sub-domains instead of sub-directories like it says will my site still work.



  2. blog.mysite.com is not an add on. It's a subdomain. And that, effectively, puts your site in a subfolder (i.e. blog).

    Unless your server supports you making wildcard sub-subdomains, you need to use subdirectories.

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