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  • So I’m getting very close to finishing up the design for a new theme for WordPress and was hoping that you guys would help make suggestions for improvements to it. (I Still have to work on the function.php) I want to know what you like, what you don’t like, things I should add, thing I need to remove, plugins I need to run in the widget area, and basically anything I need to do so that I can bring a WordPress community polished theme to the game.

    Some rules or rather suggestions for viewing the page. Use Firefox if you have it for the best viewing experience right now, Chrome is not the best for web standards meaning I still have to add in the fixes yet, and I have just minimal code for ie6 – ie10 right now.

    Next note that the themes content width is dynamic and it stretches from a minimum width of 400 pixels wide all the way up to 1100 pixels wide, so adjust your browsers screen size to see the code truly flexing it’s muscles for you.

    Finally, I’m currently still working on the comments portion, the area between the title and the content where the feature image goes (plan to add author link, hyperlink, how many days ago was the published, and number of comments, and anything else you guys might suggest), and quite possible everything, SOOOOOOOOOOO ya, ENJOY!

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  • Come on guys, what do you think? I can see that you have been visiting the site.

    Okay, I’ll bite even though you really should not bump :-)…
    I actually like quite a few things about it, but the images you used are a complete turn-off to me. (Sorry, but the reality of violence and war is too horrific…) Aside from that, the site is very unique and creative — which is a big plus when many themes look fairly similar. The fixed header and sliding under page content is quite cool and very functional (well done) — and likely to appeal to people. I also like the grid or “magazine” layout of the home page. Good fonts too.

    I’m not sure what all theme options there will be…which might be a factor for people, especially considering that modifying anything major could be tricky with the complicated positioning / layout of the page. Also not clear how it would look or work on a smaller device.

    But it’s clear that you’ve put a lot of work into the site — good luck with getting it passed and posted, etc. So nice job.

    One thing you might want to correct is the spelling of “Good Old Fashioned…” a the bottom of the page :-).

    Ah well I’m thinking the name for the theme is going to be “Semper Fi,” which should be a good indication of my mock customer that I’m dreaming about. But that background is meant to be swapped out.

    Good name — and yes, I assumed the background was not permanent and figured you were just having fun with it — but it DOES affect the overall impression of the site.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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