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  1. Skavenmight
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    I am in the proses of making a website to put my music on. People can download this music for free under creative commons.
    I'm kind of at the beginning and was hoping someone could think with me.

    Before, i created a page section with 10 songs on each page:
    (please don't mind the mess, its under construction)
    So each song is a block with a music player, download button, info ect.

    Someone said that using a page was a flat link and that i should use posts with tags and make a menu linked to that. So i looked into this but I cannot seem to figure it out.
    I'm looking for a smart way of categorizing my music.
    So that:

    1. Songs are bound to a feeling so that people can click on for example "Uplifting" or a combination of feelings and then see all the results in a list of songs that i filled in with that feeling.

    2. Use the search function to get a list of songs. So you could type in "piano" and see all the songs that have the word piano in the title or description.

    In the end it is important that people can click on a genre and see a list of all the songs of that genre, but also have the option to search in different ways.
    Any other idea's or help would be greatly appreciated!

    My website:

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  2. Patrick Nommensen
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