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  • I’ve tried to embrace CSS fully on my new template, but now I’m having problems across platforms.
    Last night, I stripped out the tables and replaced them with CSS. It looked great on my Mac. Now, the formating on my menu has gone haywireon a PC running IE 6.0 :
    The first problem is that the first title “JAZZ” (should be #menu ul li) is indented.
    The list (should be #menu ul ul li) hasthe letter spacing of the higher up list (the letters should be closer together).
    If you look at the search form and the “All Consuming” item at the bottom, it’s clear that the items above are indented.
    Here are my thoughts on what might be going wrong:
    1) Using the #menu division for both the menu formatting and the positioning of the column might be a bad idea. Don’t know why, but it’s a guess.
    2) The structure for the menu might be ill formed. Here is how I’ve set it up:

    • Title of list

      • 1st link

      • 2nd link

      • `
        Any help is greatly appreciated.

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        Mark (podz)


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        Look just above the text entry box

        Ok, I think I have the menu fixed. I still can’t get the letter spacing right.
        The titles (#menu ul li) have letter spacing. The list items (#menu ul ul li) should be tighter together. This works on Safari and IE running on XP. With IE 6.0, however, the letter spacing inherits to #menu ul ul li. Not a huge problem, but I would prefer to fix it if possible.

      Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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