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    Hi All,
    I have just downloaded Spacious theme and I find it really nice for my purpose. But I am a beginner in WP and I have many questions so far. To start with I would like to ask you what is the difference in setting up the menu structure through the: 1. “appearance—>customize—>menus… ” or through: 2. “appearance—->menu”?

    I have created new pages through “Pages—> add new” and these are called “Draft” and other pages through “Customize —>Menus—Add new” and these are called “Customization draft” but can’t see none of them when I am trying to set up the menu with “appearance—> menu”, the are no items to add.
    I only can add pages to the menu when I settle up both through Customization Menu.

    I save changes but I do not publish them so far. Any clues?
    Thank you so much in advance,


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  • Hi,

    There is not much difference. While changing from the customization, you can see the changes too. As for the pages, you can publish the pages from the dashboard or add from the menu. Adding page from dashboard will give a lot more options for the page. You need to choose the menu location as primary for the menu to show in the header. You can change or set up a page or menu from dashboard or customizer, according to your preference.
    Feel free to ask again, if you get any confusion regarding the theme.


    Dear Rajesh,

    Thank you for your help. It is most probably not the theme-related problem but me being a beginner in WP. Creating the menu and pages works fine when I am doing that by custimozation, but I can’t understand why I can’t create the menu from the dashboard, and can’t add any created page to the menu. The are no items to add in the Page Pane. Should I publish them first and then those will appear in the Add Page Pane and I will be able to add them to the menu?

    Thanks again for you help,

    Best regards

    Dear Rajesh,
    It works now, I just have to publish the page and it will appear in the Pane.



    Glad to know it worked. If you get any issue regarding the theme, feel free to ask again.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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