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  • Hi guys I have purchased this theme:

    I have it installed on my site, but I want the widgets below the main feature (big picture) area to be sort of mini blog pages. So each widget would be for a different sport just as in the demo theme above e.g. NFL, NHL etc and then when I make posts I choose which sport they relate to and they go in these boxes, you can then click the post or box and it will take you to read the full story or the list of stories relating to that sport just as in the demo.

    Could anyone help me arrange my layout/widgets as I just do not know where to begin im a complete nooby on wordpress really! Does the above make sense and you can understand what I want the homepage to look like?

    Thanks in advance any help/direction appreciated guys!

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  • General information about Widgets:

    May also be helpful:

    For theme specific questions, you’ll need to ask the developer for help, as these forums don’t support commercial themes.

    thanks for your post

    I just need to know how to get blocks under the feature header that I can place posts in – how do I do that? E.g. I want a block for the NFL where I place NFL posts and a block for NHL where I place NHL related posts. Anyone know what widges/layout I need to place for this?

    You may need to modify a template file and/or add widget space there – but that would be the kind of thing you’d have to ask the theme developer.



    for that you need to create category.

    Goto your wordpress dashboard, then click posts—> category .

    Create with whatever names eg. NFL,NHL, etc..then save it.

    Then while posting select the category. it will be shown on right side of your post area.
    Posts—> add new (then see right side).
    By default, it will be post under uncategorized.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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