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    Is there a page I can access on your install? Can you make a tiny public page somewhere with a little gallery that I could see?

    The Meow Lightbox works with selectors, and I think you might have not set them up. That will be an easy fix 🙂




    Sorry, it took some time to respond. Christmas, funeral, work…
    Unfortunately it isn’t possible to give you access (at this time).
    For now I’ll spend some time on it myself, but thanks for the offer.

    I’m also struggling with the integration of the light box and justified image grid.
    @cocha have you found a solution?

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    Hi @kaffeematze,

    That should definitely work. I have a little issue on my side right now (my dear MacBook drank my coffee), so I can’t test right away, but how is the issue appearing? Can I see a page where your gallery appears? Let’s make this work.

    Hi @tigroumeow,
    pictures won’t open in the lightbox.
    I’ve set Jutified Imgae Gallery to “custom lightbox” and the the meow selector to .entry-content.

    You can have a look on

    Same here, I am also trying to get the meow lightbox to work with justified image grid. I also tried different selectors (.entry-content, .justified-image-grid and some more) and different Settings for the Lightbox in zig (custom, off, etc.) No success so far…

    I got it to work – somewhat. In the lightbox settings I had to add the selector .justified-image-grid. In the JIG settings – Overlay effects I had to choose no overlay and in the JIG settings – TimThumb & CDN I had to to switch off the Use TimThumb Option. Otherwise only the small TimThumb is openend in the lightbox, resulting in low resolution, small image size and missing exif data.

    What is not working:
    The map button is missing and no exif-data / caption is showing up in the lightbox. The Meow Lightbox is “thinking” none of this data is present in the picture although it is.

    The main reason I am trying to use JIG is the filtering option. After clicking on a filter button, the lightbox isn’t working any more.

    I created two pages: With meow gallery the lightbox is working perfectly (all exif data incl. gps is working, but no filtering possible) With JIG filtering is possible, but exif data isn’t working, after selecting a filter, the lightbox isn’t working at all.

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    @mhamoser nice find!
    The lightbox itself is working, but same issue here with the exif and gps data not being displayed.

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    Hi guys,

    That is simply because this gallery plugin is loading the images asynchronously, from the server, and the images don’t go through the WordPress core, and therefore, other plugins can’t do anything. The Meow Lightbox can’t hook into this, unfortunately 🙁

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