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    I am a newbie at coding, and need some help.

    The site I am attempting to build through WordPress is

    I am working on the “parks” page, that lists each park in the city plus its address, a photo of it, and then a short paragraph with the amenities at said park.

    I was successful with the first two parks I added, where it formatted how I wanted it to. I didn’t do anything special with the code, just used the “align left” command that is inserted through WordPress when you choose the alignment you want on the photo interface (left, center, or right).

    Then all of a sudden when I did my third park (Dairyland Park), the text shifted over to the right.

    I then decided to build a “Parks 2” page to see if I was making a mistake with the first page I tried to build. I was successful with ten of the thirteen parks, but then the problem happened again where the text shifted to the right when trying to include the eleventh park.

    The weird thing is, when I toggle on WordPress between the “visual” and “text” options on the page, the layout looks fine on both. But then when going to “View Site” to see how it looks, that is when I discovered the problem.

    The page to reference is

    Can anyone help me to figure out how to make the entire page looks as it does before the “Dairyland Park” information was entered, where it looks like this:

    Park 1 Name
    Park Address
    Park Photo (descriptive paragraph next to photo)

    Park 2 Name
    Park Address
    Park Photo (descriptive paragraph next to photo)

    where it will follow this pattern all the way down the page with each new park I add?

    I tried contacting a forum for HTML help, and the person who responded said “So somewhere above that line number that is a table row that is not closed correctly or some open “and close tags incorrectly nested. View the source code in your browser, copy and paste it into a text editor that does ‘tag matching’, such as Geany or notepad++ and look for the ones that do not match. You then have to translate that into the position in the relevant post. and correct the fault.”

    I told him I didn’t quite understand since I am still so new at this, so he responded with “the ‘theme’ has the basic HTML structure for the pages and has ‘placeholders’ that are filled in by PHP scripts.

    The quickest ‘fix’ would be to completely delete the post that has caused the problem, and rewrite it from scratch.”

    Can anyone help me?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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