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  • I’m looking for someone who could do something (or tell me how to do it) with my Title and very little else.

    I have a graphic I made in Photoshop I’d love to use for the header, and a background graphic.

    That’s all.

    But knowing no CSS and very little html, I don’t see how to do it myself.

    I will pay if your price is reasonable.

    Thank you,

    Robert Tracy

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  • How you do it depends on what theme you are using.

    What theme are you using?


    I think it’s just your basic theme. See it at:

    The graphics I’d use are:

    1. For the background:


    2. For the header:

    If this latter is too big, I can re-size it.

    Thanks for your reply,


    Ah. Well, the default theme has custom ways to use a header image. You can go to Presentation->Header Image and Color and custom choose your image right there.

    You’ll probably want resize and upload your image into the themes directory first though.

    Sounds good.

    Sounds like I can do it myself. Thanks very much.

    But not so easy as it sounds.

    I see no way to upload my image into the themes directory.

    And I see no way, if I did succeed at the latter, to choose my image from Presentation->Header Image and Color. It doesn’t offer an image–only color change.

    Because it says “If this file were writable you could edit it.”

    To be precise, under Presentaion>Theme Editor>Browsing header.php it says:

    “If this file were writable you could edit it.”

    Question is this:

    How can such files be made “writable”?

    I think if I knew that, I could change me header to a .jpg image. And same for the background.

    Jeremy Clark




    Thank you.

    It did get me to the point of making the files writable.

    However, it would take me a year of study to simply get the header .jpg image I have and the background .jpg to work. I fooled around a while but just made it worse. I’m afraid my talents will lie in Art and graphics. CSS is certainly a foreign, if not a kind of backwards language to me, compared to the little I know of HTML.

    The offer stands. I will pay for someone to go in there and do just the background and the header. I have some money in PayPal just waiting for such.


    Neither of your links to actually work, both of them return a 404 for me.

    I’m sorry. I took them down. Will put them back if they will help.


    Anyway, there’s a better .jpg image I’m interested in for the Header. It’s here:

    And the BG:

    I believe I have the correct size now for the Header.

    Just as an aside, I think of it this way. Everyone has their interests and talents on the computer. I can create graphics, but can’t always get them where I want them. Those who know and love CSS and HTML could take what I do and know how to apply it. This latter is what I’m looking for. I simply can’t learn CSS. I’ve tried for two years and it seems that CSS just doesn’t work with images, although I know it does. I just can’t figure it out.

    Hi there – I’m new to WordPress and had been using Blogger previously. This is a whole different ballgame!

    I need help with my Header too with this theme called ‘GeekBlog’. Everything loads up well except for the title which remains so, instead of my blog title.

    Can anyone help? Thanks!

    I hear ya. I was using Moveable Type for 4 years. My host upgraded and I couldn’t get into my blog at all.

    I found the answer to your question by accident. If you can get to your Dashboard, go to Options, then the General Tab. In there is where you can change your title.


    By the way, these two .jpg’s are in / Is that precisely where they belong?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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