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  • Hello! I am almost done with my website but i have a few small problems before it gets done….

    The website is and the theme is “Hatch”

    The thing is:

    1. When i follow the instructions and go to appearance > header, i try several different images and nothing ever shows up! It all looks the same after setting any image, plus i try to place it at the page and it only shows a thumbnail of it and not the actual size…

    How can i set a header image if Appearece > Header doesnt work?…

    2.Inside each category, (example: at the right of the picture “Date, Author and Cathegory” shows up, is there any way of making this information disappear or changing it for something i’d like to write in each of them ??

    Thank you so much, i am really happy with the theme and wordpress i just cant get these small things to work! 🙂 T

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  • Hi Ilan,

    Can you please tell me how you added the galleries onto your pages? I can only add that type of galleries as a post that goes to the front page, but really need it to attach to my gallery page. Please help! I’ve tried reaching out to the creator but seems they now moved to DevPress and I just need some simple instructions.

    Thanks so much.

    hmm i just created two categories (video, design) and then tagged each post to each category… 🙂

    Thanks Ilan I got it! I so new to all this so I appreciate the feedback. You’re website looks great by the way! Good luck with it.

    i like your site.

    i use hatch too , haven’t modified it much , would like to add a text in header ( as it looks in the sample theme ), do you have an idea how to do it?




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    Please post your own topic.

    I have installed “hatch” but when I click on one of my images a large white (empty!) space shows up above the thumbnail! Can somebody help me!

    I have same problems with large empty white space and no idea how to add text next to header as in sample theme. any ideas?


    I can’t believe I can finally answer a question!

    Go to dashboard>users>your profile
    scroll down to >Biographical Info
    and type whatever you want to appear in that left-hand area on the home/post page.

    Save and view.


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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