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  • The theme I modified for my site is working pretty well in Firefox. I switched over to IE and man it was messed up. I got it mostly fixed, but I’m wondering why the font is larger in IE.

    If it were close, I would not worry about it, but it’s just too big in IE. How do I get font sizes smaller in IE without changing FF? All the fonts look to big, not just one class. The body is bigger, the headers, the lists, etc…

    BTW… I know the site does not validate, I don’t think that has anything to do with the size issue. I’ve searched here and looked at some CSS guides, but I have not found a way to consistently control font size between browsers.



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  • WEll the default in IE is one click higher. You can fix it with a rule of font-size: 67%

    “I’ve searched here and looked at some CSS guides, but I have not found a way to consistently control font size between browsers. ” -jweaks

    Oh, the easiest way to achieve that, is using the unit px (pixel) for the font-size. 😉


    font-size: 13px;

    hummm… Jowa I don’t think so. Some PC display at 72*72 pixels, others by 96*96 pixels.
    So fixed size will be smaller at a lower definition and bigger at a higher definition.
    If you want to archieve exact pixel consistency, just print out your document and give it away to your readers. We call sometimes this kind of publication a newspaper. And you can charge for the cost of the printing 😉

    The final word on consistent text size: “Fortunately, there is a third way to define text sizes: in Pixels. These are international, non-denominational, and consistent. 11 pixel text (like this right here) looks the same under Macintosh and Windows. Using pixels instead of points or relative size is easy, just quote font sizes as e.g. “8px” or “14px”:

    <font size="14px">huge</font><font size="8px">tiny</font>

    and Bob’s your near paternal relative. If you use style sheets, then you change this only once and your whole site is clean. (If you don’t yet use style sheets, take this opportunity to start!)

    A final word of warning for do-it-yourselfers: many browsers make mistakes if you mix text size definitions. Decide on either points or pixels, and stick to it.”

    em is good

    The fact is, in Internet Exploder (at present) the font doesnt go any lower than 76%. Usually you would set the font to 76% or higher in the body tag and use em’s to size the font throughout the rest of the document…forget the whole 67.5% thingy to get 1em= 10px

    Pixels makes life easy for the designer, however using ems will allow end users to resize there text ;)..a very important accessiblity issue.

    This has all been covered numerous times over at , the best methodology I have found is by this guy

    Holy cow! What a tangled mess.

    Thanks for all the help. I am sorting through the recommendations. The links are great. I’m already trying some changes. The difference between IE and FF is still annoying. The fonts in IE, even at 76%, still look way to big.

    Thanks again for the help. I’ve learned a lot about CSS. I took the best of what I learned and started my own 3 column theme… aiming to get the size control and consistency I wanted. The theme has a way to go, but it’s getting there…

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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