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  • Hello everybody,
    I´m sorry but I DO need help …

    I was looking for a way of adding a way for feedback to my wordpress page.
    I found a Plugin that was supposed to do so. After I clicked install I was still on the plugin page from my wordpress dashboard and it asked me to ACTIVATE it. so I did.

    Right than the message
    Fatal error: Class ‘AeytimesSiteRSS’ not found in /home2/kohtaoad/public_html/wp-includes/widgets.php on line 324

    appeared and is still there. I can´t access my wordpress admin area anymore and I even can´t see my website anymore.

    What can I do ??? How do I remove this plugin again. bad thing I dont remember the name of it. something with feedback…

    Please I have no idea what to do …
    My webspace is at bluehost and there is a link to restore a backup. i have no idea how long ago i did a backup or if i even did one of this version.
    PLEASE help me … totaly clueless.

    Thank you verry much !!!
    here the website – only shows the error message now –

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  • Hi taucherphil,

    I did a little homework. The name of the plugin is Aeytimes Product or Service Feedback / Comments Widget. For an immediate fix, browse to your plugin folder via FTP and rename the folder aeytimes-product-or-service-feedback to something else such as aeytimes-product-or-service-feedback-1. It doesn’t really matter what you rename it. This has the effect of deactivating the plugin.

    I had a look at the plugin and the permanent fix is easy – the author made a typo. Open the file called aeytimes-product.php in a plain text editor such as Notepad and close to the top you will see the following …

    class AeytimesProductRSS extends WP_Widget {
    	function AeytimesProductRSS() {
    		$widget_ops = array( 'classname' => 'aeytimes', 'description' => 'A widget displaying the latest comments of your idea on AeyTimes.' );
    		$control_ops = array( 'width' => 300, 'height' => 350, 'id_base' => 'aeytimes-product' );
    		$this->WP_Widget('aeytimes-product', 'Aeytimes Product or Service Widget', $widget_ops, $control_ops);

    Pay attention to the above line that reads function AeytimesProductRSS()

    Now, scroll to the bottom of that file and you’ll see the following …

    function register_AeytimesSiteRSSWidget(){
    add_action('init', 'register_AeytimesSiteRSSWidget', 1);

    Pay attention to the above line that reads register_widget('AeytimesSiteRSS')

    Do you see what he has done? A simple typo. The block of code above should read …

    function register_AeytimesProductRSSWidget(){
    add_action('init', 'register_AeytimesProductRSSWidget', 1);

    Simply make the change I outlined above, upload the file and rename that folder back to its original name.

    Or, if you don’t want to muck about editing files I uploaded an edited version of the aeytimes-product.php to the WordPress Pastebin which you can download here.

    Delete the original aeytimes-product.php file and upload the one I supplied. Then rename the folder aeytimes-product-or-service-feedback-1 back to its original.

    Thank you sooo much!
    amazing. i went for the quick rescue first and changed the folder name. lucky me – its working again. thank you sooo much. for taking the time and answering in such detail. i will try the rest as well. but not today. haha. again thank you.

    You’re welcome. Glad to see everything is working. On a side note, I notified the plugin author and pointed him to this thread. Hopefully the file will be corrected soon.

    Thanks for letting us know. The plugin has been fixed.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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