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  • Is there a way to remove the emailling of passwords functionality from the registration process of WordPress 2.3.

    I am using my WordPress install on an internal server, as a Blog for my department (where I work). So sending emails without going through the companies servers is forbidden.

    My question is this, can the registration page be altered to allow people to just sign-up with the use of emails???

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  • sorry, the qustion should be, Can the Registration process be altered to allow people to just sign-up WITHOUT the use of emails???

    If the department is a part of the company, there should not be a problem of using the company’s servers.

    but, stranger things have happened.

    You can prevent the sending of e-mail passwords by disabling the function in the wordpress code… or by using a mail-by-smtp plugin and assigning a no-relay smpt server. ( for instance)

    you may wish to double check with your work as well, perhaps using the mail-by-smtp type plugin, you could use the company smtp servers, in compliance with the restrictions.

    ahhh… as far as I am aware, the auto generated password is only sent out when the user fills out the forms provided in the default install.

    You may be able to use a form processor to allow guests to sign up via a custom form, which would include assigning their own password.

    Bit tricky on the coding, but it would basically be the same as Admin filling out the form on the user management page.

    NEW USER – I am unable to have a login / password emailed to new users thought it appears they have registered correctly. They dont ever recieve the email they are told they should recieve…
    Can I get help with this please- Simple only. Not a tech-

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