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  • I set up the special address, set up the admin permission, sent the email, went to /wp-mail.php and got this-

    Ooops POP3: premature NOOP OK, NOT an RFC 1939 Compliant server

    What am I doning wrong. I read the Wiki description, but that’s for wp 1.2

    thanks for any suggestions,

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  • OK, I’m getting closer, I’m still trying to figure out how to post by email. I set up the new email, set up the wp admin. access to the same, set up the FTP cron to on, set up an ftp alias to allow access to the db.

    The ftp form is asking what directory to allow access to. Is it /muse, where I have wp set up, or is it /muse/wp-mail.php, where I go to allow the email post?

    Also, immediately after sending an email post, I went to At leasst it’s responding, but it says there is no new mail. And I just sent one.

    I know there are lots of folks with serious problems, and my site is working great. I love wp, and it’s flexibility. And I also appreciate all the amazing help I’ve gotten here.

    If anyone has any idea how to help me iron out this little hitch, I’ll be able to post next week when I’m out of town!


    Gee…I am not even getting that far! LOL!! I thought the idea was to just set up a special email account dedicated to sending content to Word Press, and then some magic happened that WP could pull the content out of the email. Man did I get that wrong! LOL!!! I think I need to go re read the docs again!

    thanks for the post!



    I checked and rechecked. Everything is set, except the mail never gets to wp-mail.php. I followed the Wiki word for word, except that you enter instead of installdir. But the wiki doesn’t mention if you need to set up ftp access by the postmail user name, or what the path should be.


    Anyone out there got this set up and have any ideas? Thanks,

    Hello all,
    I finally figured out the problem. When you fill out the login info for the email post in wp admin, the login name is not just a name, it’s the entire email address. I don’t know if that’s obvious to people, but it’s wasn’t to me. Usually I think of login as a user id. (This login should be the same as your email browser uses to login, and that’s under server settings of your browser.) I hope this helps some others who might be as frustrated as I was.

    Regarding my questions about FTP permissions, I found out it is not used at all. So ignore those comments above.

    Of course when I went to check the wp-mail page, ALL 10 of the posts I made as tests suddenly showed up! The poem I submitted over and over was called Ache, so I had to edit out 10 aches. AHH, I feel less achey now.


    You are doing far better than I am! I do have the whole e-mail address in there and am guessing the problem is the chron job, but who knows?

    Here’s what my latest e-mail said about the chron job when it failed to work.

    bin/sh: -c: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token newline'
    /bin/sh: -c: line 1:
    GET <;’

    Anyone have any idea what the heck that means???

    Yeah, this is really frustrating. I’ve been having the same problem since I installed 1.2. Now I’m up to and I still get the “There doesn’t seem to be any new mail.” message. I checked everything out and it all seems to be as it should be, yet, still no luck.

    If I understand correctly, I shouldn’t need to do a cron job if I just access wp.mail.php, right?

    Man, this is frustrating. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Here’s another question–as a test, I changed the login password on my website’s admin control panel but did NOT change the password in WP. Shouldn’t I get a password error or something?

    Okay – I’ve made some changes and here’s the latest error message I’m getting!

    Ooops POP3 connect: Error [0] [Success]

    Is anyone out there or am I talking to myself here?? 😉

    While there is a lot of help to be had on these boards, Logan, often, when people don’t know the exact answer to your question they don’t bother to even suggest things. Everyone means well, but sometimes it gets very frustrating. I’ve got 2 issues left to work out in my WP install but no one’s replying… I can’t complain too much, though since the times I get ignored are few and far between. I just hope some one does come through for us. I wish us both luck!

    Thanks Pete,

    I’ve only posted on two things and never had a answer yet – but I’m still hoping as I’ll be needing the e-mail feature this summer and fall!!

    I finally figured out the problem. When you fill out the login info for the email post in wp admin, the login name is not just a name, it’s the entire email address.

    This is a function of your email server, and not WordPress. Some email servers require just the user name when you log in, and some require the full email address. Check the documentation on your email server for instructions regarding accessing your email account via pop3, as I think pop3 is the protocall WP uses to retrieve email posts.

    If I understand correctly, I shouldn’t need to do a cron job if I just access wp.mail.php, right?

    This is correct. Accessing/running wp-mail.php tells WordPress to go ‘get’ new mail from the account set up. A chron job is nothing more than automating the process of pulling up of this page/script. The downside to not using a chron job is that people who do not know about “wp-mail.php” will have no way to tell whether or not there are new email messages – i.e. new messages will not post until someone manually pulls up “wp-mail.php” and ‘forces’ the new posts to actually post. Using a chron job every, say, 30 minutes or so, would guarantee that the new posts would be available within a half hour of the email being sent. (A dirty-but-simple workaround for this would be to put a link to “wp-mail.php” on your site with text that says something like “Click here to check for new posts!” Clicking the link would pull up and run the script, as though you had done ityourself…)

    Hope this helps.


    I read what you wrote Tim several times, and it occurs to me that I might not be using a POP3 e-mail program. Does anyone know if Horde is POP3? If not should I set up an account elsewhere like Yahoo, etc.? I sure don’t want to have spam posting on my blog, but I’d really like to get this working?
    – Louie

    The answer depends on your host but my email access is via Horde (one of many web mail clients available) but it is a POP3 account. I have found that only using plain text works and giving my mail enough time to get there before I hit the in my browser to get mail (I haven’t solved the Cron consistently at this point). Don’t forget to put your end criteria in there (mine is two slashes — but yours may vary). I also used a mail plugin that recognizes the sending email account and I had to set the account up as a user in WP (thus I send from and I have a user with that email address and now the plugin dropin wp-mail.php recognizes that mail address as being valid). Hope this helps a little.

    Thanks for the help.

    I’m still lost and struggling but not giving up yet!

    I don’t know why this has to be so hard! Are the coders for WP taking note of this and doing something to improve it? I sure hope so!

    Here’s my latest error message

    Ooops POP3 connect: Error [0] [Success]

    I have no idea what it means.

    “Don’t forget to put your end criteria in there (mine is two slashes — but yours may vary).”

    What does this mean? Can I define a string which, when met by wp-mail.php, will terminate the post? That would be great, because I want to use the post-by-email feature to allow me to post from my cell phone, but whenever I email from my phone Cingular tacks their own “this message was sent from a Cingular yadda-yadda-yadda…” If so, how can I do that?

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