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  • I’m trying to make a few changes to how Pique works using a child theme. This is my first time doing this, and the aforementioned plugin was recommended to me as relatively quick and idiot-proof.

    I’ve been able to change the button colors for the ‘minimal’ style button, but I’ve been struggling to find the “selector” to edit (a) the plain ol’ “button” colours, and (b) the height limitation on the header logo.

    I would also like to be able to display the site tagline, but NOT the title, as my logo serves as this. (In the customize area these are a single checkbox together, as you might know. I imagine deleting the Title in customize and using Yoast to name the page might work, but not sure that’s a wise idea.)

    There are probably other things I will want to change further down the line, but these are my immediate concerns, and if I can figure those out that should get me started.

    I would also be game for adding Custom CSS in the Customize area, although I don’t know if this is any use for what I’m trying to do.

    Any pointers much appreciated!

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    On the buttons front, currently my child theme contains:

    button.minimal, .archive .read-more a.minimal, .blog .read-more a.minimal, .search-results .read-more a.minimal, .button.minimal, input[type='button'].minimal, input[type='reset'].minimal, input[type='submit'].minimal { background-color: #dde4f0; color: #2952a2; } button.minimal:active, .archive .read-more a.minimal:active, .blog .read-more a.minimal:active, .search-results .read-more a.minimal:active, button.minimal:focus, .archive .read-more a.minimal:focus, .blog .read-more a.minimal:focus, .search-results .read-more a.minimal:focus, button.minimal:hover, .archive .read-more a.minimal:hover, .blog .read-more a.minimal:hover, .search-results .read-more a.minimal:hover, .button.minimal:active, .button.minimal:focus, .button.minimal:hover, input[type='button'].minimal:active, input[type='button'].minimal:focus, input[type='button'].minimal:hover, input[type='reset'].minimal:active, input[type='reset'].minimal:focus, input[type='reset'].minimal:hover, input[type='submit'].minimal:active, input[type='submit'].minimal:focus, input[type='submit'].minimal:hover { border-color: #dde4f0; color: #dde4f0; }

    Only the colour hexes were changed by me, using the plugin. These are working. Which is making it puzzling that this, currently also added to the child theme using the plugin, is having no effect anywhere that I can see (exact process used above):

    button, .archive .read-more a, .blog .read-more a, .search-results .read-more a, .button, input[type='button'], input[type='reset'], input[type='submit'] { background-color: FD9919 !important; color: #feffff !important; }

    I tried everything else with ‘button’ too, to no effect, although that one just above has the ‘sample’ provided by the plugin that looks just like the button I am trying to change.


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    Ignore my previous reply!.

    I had the right selector! The hash tag was missing from the start of the HEX codes I’ve been pasting in… I am clearly too tired to be WordPressing today…

    In my defense, the plugin I’m using does display the color you pasted and tell you it’s worked, even with the hash sign missing. Fair warning to others!

    Other questions still stand, if anyone has ideas.



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    Hi, for the site description, it is in the HTML and hidden with CSS, so the following will make that visible.

    .site-branding .site-description {
        display: block;

    To hide the site title, add this.

    .site-title {
        display: none;

    As far as the CSS goes, you can either add it to the Child Theme CSS file, or you can add it as additional CSS in the customizer. Either works fine, but I would suggest adding it all in one place (either) so that it is easier to edit later if you need to.

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