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    My purpose of WordPress Network: allow people to sign-up(via plugin) and have his/her website hosted.

    I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to get domain mapping to work for two weeks, switching from Siteground, Namecheap, and now EZPZhosting.

    I have multisite setup and working fine on “”.
    I have the multisite installed at “home/xxxxxx/public_html”.
    I have setup a wildcard sub-domain “*”.
    I have a Dedicated IP address for the “”.
    I have “Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL” installed on “”.
    I have a “subsite”, as “” setup.
    I have a domain registered at Registrar: “”.
    I have changed the “A Record” for “” at Registrar to the same Dedicated IP address I use for “”.

    Then, as Super-Admin, I go to: “Networking > Sites > > Edit”.
    Finally, I change the “Site Address (URL)” to: “”.
    When I click the link “visit site”, I get a warning that says “This site can’t be reached server IP address could not be found.”.

    What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t it work?

    Also, I noticed the wildcard domain “*”, has a folder showing up as “home/xxxxxx/”. I changed the location to be the same as the WordPress installation: “home/xxxxxx/public_html/”. Is there supposed to be the widcard subdomain folder( inside the “public_html”? I am unclear on this…

    Anyone willing to help please?

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  • The one thing I needed to look at was your domain name and then to test the wildcard handling (or lack of) in order to help you. The one domain name you have listed in your profile here isn’t a WordPress based site so I couldn’t do that test for you.

    The one thing I can tell you is you don’t want anything extraneous (not placed in there by your WordPress install itself) in your public HTML file. So, no, you don’t want the subdomain to have a subdirectory under your WordPress. Doing that will break things.

    When you tell your control panel about the domains or subdomains the cp needs to ‘make note’ of those and place that note somewhere but…

    On some servers that’s not even necessary.

    I’d try it first, then deal with it however suits the mood of your host.

    Multisite is cool but you need to keep working with it.

    I’d also recommend looking at WPMUDEV for the info and plugins to make what you want work.

    Your first multisite needs to be on an Apache-based server and some flavor of Linux. Forget Windows if that’s what you have. Forget Nginx for now. Please don’t even try this on IIS. Make this first venture easy on yourself.

    So, give me a domain name here on the forum and try to get my attention when you do…

    Or make sure your root domain works and you can reach the network dashboard from that domain name. Then stuff a subdomain in that. Put an ‘A’ record in your DNS records for that new subdomain. Try it. If it chokes then tell your Control Panel about it and try again.

    If it then returns an index of a directory (there may be a cgi-bin subdirectory there depending on your host) you’ll need to tell the CP to point the domain at web root.

    Let us know if you need more help.

    I got everything working now. I changed the nameservers awhile back trying to get mapping to work and forgot to change it back. I have everything working as it should except for one little thing.

    The subsite “” works and has SSL. Once I map a domain “” to it, it loses it’s SSL. Is there a way to fix this? My client domains are at various registrars. Apparently “Let’s Encrypt” wildcard SSL doesn’t cover it.

    I got it figured out. Thanks.

    So I have a domain registered at and want to build a Webpage using I contacted Hover and they said I needed to contact WordPress…
    The advertisements said this is a simple process (just 20 minutes)…
    I cant even find any way to contact for assistance.

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