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  • I’ve already confessed to not knowing php and php includes, etc. other than just basic. I have a blog and am using “fsubtle” template. Template is great on every page but my blog page. I’ve used the plug-ins for static front page and opt-in front page. My archive blog page displaces the sidebar to the bottom. Here is a link to that page, and a link to my “home” page.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks so much.

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  • If you search for sidbar down, sidebar sinking and similar keywords, you’ll find tones of posts.
    Usually it is caused by something too wide either in the content area or in the sidebar. The “something” could be
    – a pic
    – a long link
    – an element
    – a long (even invisible) code line

    I just discovered another reason a sidebar will drop to the bottom of the page.

    Options/Reading set your posts showing to 4 or less.

    BACKGROUND: I had my blog working fine with this setting at 999.

    However, after some work was done on the blog that didn’t work out well, the sidebar dropped to the bottom of my homepage and some, but not all category pages. The rest of the pages, i.e. other categories, all monthly archives, and all permalinks to individual posts were fine.

    Steve Duncan helped me this morning, and after looking at a variety of places for a way to fix this, we tried changing the number of posts showing. For the home page, we could set it at 26 and the sidebar would reappear. However, in order to fix it on the other pages, we had to go to no more than 4 showing.

    I have no idea why and figure someone else will want to know about this.

    I’m using DaisyRaeGemini Theme on WordPress 2.x
    The blog is at: <>
    Steve Duncan’s blog is at:
    <> and I’ll be checking his blog to find other tips.

    My guess is in the 27th posts you have something too wide for the content area.

    [and it’s good to know you plan to have 999 displayed, just avoid clicking on any link you provide 🙂 – that’s a brutally unfriendly setup from a visitor’s point of view…]

    Maybe it was not clear, but among my checks were all the individual posts, including Post number 27. Width did not cause the problem here since every post rendered correctly with the sidebar intact.

    This is an issue I have not seen anywhere on the forum, and though I’m a novice, I believe both Steve and I found the same result, baffling as it is.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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