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  • Hi,

    I have a business directory with a post-type > business.

    I have also created a custom plugin which will be used by logged-in users.

    At the moment I have hard-coded the variable value for the custom plugin but I will need it to be brought from, and sent to the db.

    Each user will have a number brought from the db (the variable). This number will be updated in the plugin and sent back to the db.

    I think creating a new usermeta would be the best way to go but because each user will have a value for every business on the directory, I’m not sure how to create that kind of array.

    Just not finding any similar examples on the Google, could someone give me some pointers please.


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  • Stef


    I always think articles like this help guide any kind of db storage, whether it be custom or default.

    Could possibly guide your decision on how to post to it. Best of luck.

    Thanks yes, I read that earlier and it makes it very simple.

    The thing I can’t get my head around is how I can make a custom meta value work when there will need to be a value for every postID (of business type).

    Would I have to make a meta_key array of the postIDs with a value inside each one?

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