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  1. cleck673
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hey. I would like to do something like this. I have the will to try things , so I am at the suggestion stage atm.

    I want to make a separate page to pull in certain categories that emulates a review directory list.

    Lets say I have a category called reviews...
    Under that category, I have 5 subs called Widgets A, Widgets B, Widgets C, Widgets D, and Widgets E.

    I want to craft a page that would bring in this to look like this;

    Widgets A (32) Widgets B (4)
    Widgets C (21) Widgets D (43)
    Widgets E (12)

    The Subcategories linked with the number in parenthesis being the number of items in that category. When you click the linked category, it brings up a page that lists all the items in that category in newest 1st order.

    I would eventually want to fancy it up a little with icons and such, but I am just looking for a way to display an archive of reviews my site has without hand linking and maintaining them.

    Thanks for any guidance.

  2. iridiax
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Category templates and wp_list_categories can do this. Also, you can display list items side by side with inline lists.

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