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    I have tried following the guide by Andrew Nevins to create custom circles that link to websites and when you click on the circle a page comes up saying
    name link< code> already use</p>
    Could someone / Andrew please give me some guidance as to how to correct this please. I love the theme and have successfully made other changes based on Andrew’s instructions.
    custom circles are shop and blog`

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    Hiya, what do I have to click on to see the issue?

    Hi, thank you for your prompt reply. On the homepage of the circles Blog and Shop are custom circles as per your instructions, all other circles are normal posts. When I click on the Blog or Shop circles using Chrome I get the message as in my first post of the thread, link code already use, when I try the blog and shop circles using iPad I get about:blank. The Blog circle is supposed to link to another wordpress blog and the Shop circle links to my Etsy shop. I created a custom field link as in the guide instructions.
    I did try to delete the content-home.php as in your instructions but then I lost all of the circles apart from the two custom ones and they didn’t link to anything so I re pasted from original Spun content-home.php. I followed all other instructions in your guide to custom circles. Hope that all makes sense.

    So, I have been having a play as I am determined to try and get this to work. I have no knowledge of coding so the only way I can do it is to copy and paste what is already out there.
    I tried the code from a post Andrew answered 4 months ago called link to second blog site.
    I put the following from his post into content-home.php
    then I created a post with a custom field link to another website and it worked . . . except all of the circles on the homepage lost their titles (they were floating to the left handside but ghosted – feintly visible)
    I can’t work out how to fix the titles issue so that I can use the code or how to fix the custom circles issue so that they link to a website or can have an image. Please can someone help me I don’t have enough knowledge to work out what is missing. I have definitely followed the instructions as I have created numerous different child themes following the same instructions to test if I missed something. Thank you in advance.

    I found a solution. I downloaded a plugin called page link to. It works. Hooray. Hope this info helps someone else, I love the way these support forums work. Sharing the love.

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    Sorry I didn’t have enough time to look into this, because my guide was so big and written a while ago it would have taken me a while to just get my head around it. Thanks for posting the solution.

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