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  • schmedia


    I need some help sussing out either a development pathway (if I have to roll it myself, I will) or a plugin (which would be AWEsome) to meet a very particular site requirement.

    I need submenus in a widgetized area that will filter category FOO by tag BAR, when the current post is of category FUB and tag BAR. Hope this is clear: in other words, I’m on a post of category ‘maintext’, tag ‘week10’ – I need a sidebar menu (always titled ‘Further Reading’) that serves up articles of category ‘further’ and tag ‘week10’.

    I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out how to make this happen but I can’t see how to appropriately filter the category widget by tag based on a current tag. Or do I need to add a custom field to the main article and filter by that instead? I suppose that’s preferred, as if I try to filter by tag I’ll be constrained to one tag only for maintext articles, so that the contextual menus recognizes which tag to filter by.

    Thanks in advance for your input and assistance!

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