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    Here is a screenshot of how my contact form looks:

    You can see how the fields are not properly aligned. Could someone please help me to troubleshoot this and format the form correctly? Right now, it is somewhat confusing. I’m not even sure where the stylistic “controls” even are for this form!


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    Why provide an image (the wrong one at that) and not a link to the contact form? It is, too be polite, very counterintuitive.

    Hard to work from jpgs even if the right ones….

    My apologies, not sure why that is happening… but here is a screenshot. [I thought it would be easier to work with a screenshot so that I could “mark up” what I’m talking about.]

    Even just some advice as to where the stylesheet for the wp-contact form is would be helpful. Thanks

    It is not helpful because we cannot tweak the css and reply with our results. The reason is certainly because the width is narrow enough that the “(required)” wraps, forcing the next entry down. To fix it will require a widening of the form’s container or tweaking of the css in the plugin.

    Beel, thanks for the help! I can make CSS adjustments, I just didn’t know where the CSS was for the contact form. Your advice that it’s included in the plugin itself is all I need. I wasn’t intending that anyone would re-write CSS for me, just needed some advice on where to look and go from there. [That’s what I meant by “troubleshoot” – sorry if that wasn’t clear.] 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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