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Help With Comments and their order displayed

  • Hello All,

    I have gotten a few requests from my readers that they would prefer for the comments to be displayed with the NEWER comments first. It was not set up this way by default so I went to the Settings Menu and found there was an option to choose “Newer” so that they will display on top. I made this change and saved it. However, they still do display with oldest first.

    Is it too late after many comments? Is there something else I need to do? Any help trying to reverse the order would be great. Not sure why that option on the settings menu did not work.

    Thank you!


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  • Can anyone help?

    Thank you much!


    What happens on a new post to the comment order?

    Hi SwansonPhotos,

    Thanks for the response. I just tried it with new posts and it still does not display the newer comments on top. The option was changed in settings.

    Any ideas? Is there some kind of layout changes I need to make as well? Does a theme/template play a role?

    Based on requests, I would really like to show all comments in an article with the newest displayed on top.

    Tried a few things today and can’t seem to figure this out. With that said, any help here is greatly appreciated!



    Can you please provide a site link and also tell us what theme you are using?

    Please also list your plugins.

    Hi SwansonPhotos,

    The site is…

    The theme is called “Freedom – Blue Widgetized”

    As far as plug-ins go, I don’t actually like to use too much on my sites and have very little on this one. Here’s a list of what I have currently enabled…

    Statcounter Plugin
    Thumbnail Viewer

    For an example of how a decent amount of comments are displayed, you can visit this particular article…


    Thanks again!


    try deactivating the 3rd and 4th plugins above and go back and set/switch theme settings again.

    Disqus can be used on WP now and is good for handling alot of comments on sites.


    Tried what you recommended. Unfortunately, it still did not work so it doesn’t appear to be an issue with the plug-ins.

    Any other ideas?

    If not, I will look into Disqus. I really hate to install plug-ins because I’ve run into problems restoring databases as a result. I see it does import all existing comments? How well does it do this? How does this one really interact with WordPress? Are you aware of any issues backing up or restoring databases when using this comment system?




    How does Disqus work in terms of comment approval considering it does state it posts comments in real time? I do like to continue to receive emails on new comments for moderation.



    Any negative issues running Disqus is appreciated.

    If by chance there are issues and need to remove this plug-in, can the comments be backed up and imported back to WordPress?



Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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