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  • Hello there, dear community!

    I’m running the private blog at and just came up with an idea unfortunately I’ll never be able to implement. So I thought I’d just ask here, maybe some of you cracks like the idea:

    A widget, that allows me to keep track of how old the information is that I blogged.
    So if I blogged a link to some Led Zeppelin video on youtube I can add to a database, that “this is 30yr old” – when I post something personal it would be the actual posting-timestamp.

    My idea behind this is that I blog a lot about older and newer music and I’d like to collect some statistics, on how close I follow the mainstream, meaning a simple calculation of when a song was published and then blogged compared to the mean of all posted songs/band in my blog.

    I hope you got it – my english is quite bad and i apologize for that. Anyway: I’m not capable of more than simple html so this will only happen, when some of you freaks decide to create this. I can’t offer any money, but I’d be extremely grateful! 🙂

    Greets. martin

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  • btw: as far as my unerstanding goes, it’d not take more than a rating-plugin changed to not take a pre-defined number but a timestamp. A simple script should do the rest:

    – (Actual Posting Timestamp) – (Entered Info Timestamp) = (Age of Info)

    – mean deviation: ((Age of Info)+(n * Age of Info) / n) = X yr (The mean deviation of how old the information on my blog is, concerning all entries)

    – Standard Deviation of the Mean: Showing in every Posts, how many years it’s away from the mean deviation. For example “Tokio Hotel is 20yr away from your SDM of 15yr” 😉

    greets, martin

    Lester Chan has a plugin wp_relativedate, try that for starters.

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