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  • Guys, help! Cannot figure out! I have 3 levels in my categories list. I want to have different styles for each (a column with different colours for certain levels). I searched everything, but the only thing i can see is that you can play with nested list styles, but you have certain restrictions. as an example of what i’m trying to do you can see menu on – if i’ll use nested lists i cannot do at least the same width for all items… hope you can understand what i mean. thanks!

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  • You can change the background color of the different nested levels with css.

    You mean what is in the ?авигаци? (Navigation) part of that site?
    First: that’s not a WP site. Second: The navigation section is all table.

    What is what you cannot do with styling nested lists?

    Yes, thats right. Its not WP. They are using styles for A within DIV. What I cannot reach with CSS – hope its my lack of knowladge – i want to have something that looks like a table (as you say – its a table, but its not – it is DIVs) thats the effect i want to reach… with nested list i don’t know how to do it 🙁 the width for each level of nest is different, i cannot reach the same result as on

    On it is table – check and read the source code!

    A good start:
    see also:

    Well, it is inside the table, but all the links are within divs… Ok, i’ll try to read 🙂

    I don’t know what is sooo complicated.
    Now forgetting that Russian site, you have to set up your categories and subcategories and then take a look at your own source code to see what is the code generated by WP. Is it nested lists? Is it giving classes to lists? Then write your stylesheet accordingly.

    Yeah, those are nested lists, and no – it is not giving classes, but link from Moshu explains everything, thanks! Sorry, it is not indeed a WP issues, its about my bad knowladge of css. well, thanks, know i see what was the problem. Thanks!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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