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  • Love this plugin. It’s now in my starter kit for any WordPress site!


    1. Is it possible to include a step for Brotli compression of images etc before they get uploaded to S3? This will help prevent the cloudfront side doing GZIP at first request of every asset.

    2. I am interested in Pro version, and will spend on it if it can enable the best compression and perhaps some resizing of assets before upload. I currently use the EWWW plugin for optimizing assets, which I think kicks in *before* offload plugin sends the assets to S3. Similarly, and more importantly, I use the Clearfy plugin to combine + compress + GZIP all the JS and all the CSS, and then make it available via the same CDN as the one I use for images (Cloudfront in front of S3 bucket, CNAMEd to my own subdomain). It’ll be nice to have all of this in one simple media management library. Can Pro do this?


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  • Plugin Contributor ianmjones


    1. Are you using a plugin for applying the compression and does it play nice with the WP-API? If so, WP Offload Media Lite should offload the results.

    2. WP Offload Media Gold and above licenses give access to the Assets Pull addon which should do everything you require as long as Clearfy plays nice with the WP-API.

    Thank you. For #2 I meant to ask if I can remove Clearfy for this purpose and just use Offload Pro. Clearly does a decent job of aggregating and minifying css but doesn’t know how to load the resulting file from CDN.

    Plugin Contributor ianmjones


    WP Offload Media Assets Pull does not do aggregating or minifying, but should play nice with plugins that do that.

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