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    HI, I have an issue with the display of the vendor page and the product page, I am using Newsmag wordpress theme, Ive tried the steps here :
    to fix my pages and I almost did it.
    First o created a folder in theme folder called dokan, I copied my store.php there.
    My page.php have some tags, I tried copying the tags after the legend : //no page builder detected, we load a default page template with sidebar / no sidebar
    <div class=”td-container”>
    <div class=”td-container-border”>
    <div class=”td-pb-row”>
    and their closing </div>
    right after get_header( ‘shop’ );?> in store.php

    that make the vendor page get aligned in the center as all the pages.
    but it seems they are specting a sidebar and also theproduct list is not taking full widhth. Also, in the product page everything looks good except there is a big empty space between the menu and the product.

    Product page https://goo.gl/Cd9PMW
    Vendor page : https://goo.gl/sbS9Qv

    thank you in advance

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  • Hi @husk3r,

    The store page is expecting a sidebar from your theme but as we can see your theme doesn’t provide one, therefore please change the marked settings Dokan General Settings

    For product page add these lines in your theme’s style.css :

    .single_template_6 .td-header-wrap {
        height: auto;

    hope this will solve your problems.


    Thank you , that fixed the issue. Just one more question: I can see the store products are divided in 3 columns ,it looks it needs a fourth column, i cannot see any place in the settings were to configure this , is there any way?

    The product columns are not controlled from Dokan, you can override the WooCommerce product loop template. you can find it in this path :


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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