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  • Hi!
    Does anyone can help me troubleshooting my problem?
    The blog just stop showing up. A 404 error page show up.
    Also the access to the wp admin also stop existing: The page you tried to access does not exist on this server.

    The files are all in the server, since I can see them through ftp.
    Was reading about files permission but got confused about it and don’t want to mess up.
    I already deleted the plugins but still same.

    Any help will be grateful appreciate.

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  • What was the last thing you did on the blog before the problem started?

    And what is the URL?

    I am having same problems! On one of my blogs I can login, but i am not recognized as admin and therefore cannot edit site. Also, only index.php of site shows up-all other pages give 404 error.

    I have been on forums all night researching and trying things:
    changed name of plugins file and created empty “plugins” via ftp
    deleted .htaccess
    added line to beginning of .htaccess to make sure hosting company enables “something or other”

    Don’t know what else to do. Made backup of database and am currently backing up entire site to hard drive. Any help is appreciated.


    Ok. for whatever reason 404 errors are now gone and site is operating on front-end. However, still not able to login as admin. I can login, but have no way of editing site. Only can access my user profile and “tools”. Top tells me that wordpress 2.8.5 is available and to notify administrator.

    @rolandd3124 – I can see all your pages just fine, no 404 error returned on any of them.

    Try clearing your browser cache to see if that resolves it for you.

    Do you have more than one admin?

    I cleared cache earlier. At the time, it didn’t help anything… Now site is back up. Still can’t login as admin. Do you know of a solution?

    no, only me.
    Is it possible that my site was hacked and admin changed?

    if so, how can I change it back without reinstall?

    Check your database via phpMyAdmin under the user tables, there should only be one admin. If so reset your password while you are there and try again.

    i’m pretty good at picking things up… but you may need to walk me through this one.

    i logged into hosting account at godaddy, found the corresponding wordpress database, logged in via phpMyAdmin, but i can’t find user tables.

    Any help?

    Here’s a step by step post I did on the subject hope it helps.

    When I logged into phpMyAdmin, I noticed that users for another program i created, amember (membership software for another wordpress blog) were in the same table as my main wordpress install. Would this create a problem?

    how can I make one user the admin? all users in my database table can login to wordpress as non-admin. For some reason, I have lost my admin privileges…

    Thanks! Got it working by learning how to change user privileges in phpMyAdmin.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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