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  • I am new to WordPress. I am trying to create a blog page on my site. My site isn’t a whole blog site, but I would like to create blogs to where we can discuss about web design. I am not sure on how to go about it. Do I need to use posts and other people can comment on them? When I do a post, my post doesn’t show up on my blog page. It just shows up under my recent post widget. I would like my topics to show up on my blog page and then people can click on it and read the blog and comment. Sorry if this sounds noobish.

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  • Michael


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    what theme are you using?

    how did you create the blog page?

    have you reviewed

    I am using Mantra as my theme, but I added blog as another page and I have my recent post widget on my home page. If you want to visit the site you can go to

    I haven’t visited that site yet, but I will go ahead and look at it.



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    the theme’s support section is at

    added blog as another page

    if you have set a static front page, you will also need to set the ‘posts page’ – see previously posted link.

    Ok. Will you help me out with something else? I hope you can give me some advice. This site has something similar that I want to do.


    At the bottom of the page it has different information in a text and when you hover over it brightens up. I would like to do something like that on my page. I am not sure if it is a placement quote or something else. I have been trying to figure it out lately.

    I got the blog page to work. I had to go to settings-reading-posts (blog) page. Thank you for your help also.

    The link is through the text. The site will pop up that I am showing as an example. I messed up on it. Sorry

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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