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  • First off, I’m not a php programer. Otherwise I know how to use some code and I do it frequently for fairly easy stuff.

    But I don’t understand what I have here or exactly how it’s working. I’m using code that outputs posts in rows. I also have code that outputs all authors who have posts. I put them together and it works.

    It appears to be using the main loop, and I’ve never done anything before which alters the loop without using query_posts in front of it.

    It’s getting authors through something called “global $wpdb”
    then, it comes to what appears to be the loop. At that point it has the code which does the rows output.

    A minimal expalnation of how this is working would be great. I’m trying to figure out if it can have paging. I added the code I normaly add for paging query_posts, but I have no idea how I would get the loop to accept arguments. I actually expect that if this is using “the loop” it should already have paging…?

    Any help understanding how this works or how to get paging would be great. Thanks!

    Link to site
    my code

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