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    well, this seems really cool. except that i’m not especially good at any of this. so could anyone let me know how difficult this is to implement into my blog? and yes, step by step instructions would be allright, too. it could be extra brownie points

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  • jsmishell: I’ve been wanting to drop this into my own weblog, but I have hesitated because I haven’t seen a successful implementation yet and I’d like to know what it looks like first (the example linked in the wiki has been gibberish every time I’ve clicked through).
    Seeing now that there’s someone else interested, I may allow myself to be the guinea pig. I’ll let you know when I go through with it, but the next few days are looking really hectic for me, so it may be a week or more.

    jsmishell: I’m working on it. I got the required Cache Plugin installed and got rid of the errors it gave me at first, and I’ve done the same with the Audioscrobbler Plugin, but I’m still not getting any data output. It seems that my cache files aren’t updating (they’re completely empty), but I don’t know exactly where the problem lies.
    I’m not a Php wizard, and I couldn’t write something like this from scratch for the life of me, so I’m trying to contact Alex Stapleton (the author) to get some assistance.
    If I can get this thing working, I’d be more than happy to update the wiki with step-by-step instructions for both plugins. The steps I’ve had to go through so far were not incredibly intuitive, so I can see how the docs would be necessary. Audioscrobbler is one of my favorite toys, and I’d love to see more people using it.
    (By the way, even though AS signups are currently closed, they’re still open for, which shares the same database.)

    I wonder if I’m being thick. I’m a bit of a noob so any help is appreciated.
    I’ve installed the plugin and activated it , managed to get it on my page but it is giving the following error:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: file_get_contents() in /web/sites/180/examp/ on line 96
    I checked I can read my audioscrobbler rdf page OK using the default address in the php file.
    Do I need to install the cacheing plugin mentioned in the Wiki so that the file_get_contents() function works (and if so why isn’t this in the readme)?
    Any suggestions gratefully received ‘cos I love audioscrobbler.

    I have just set this up on my blog and it works fine, it’s pretty slow though and a bit clumsy compared to the nicer iTunes plugins you can get running easily on the PC. I’m on Mac, and ironically there doesn’t seem to be a good iTunesBlogger alternative so I’m stuck with this for now.

    I’d still like to have cover art displayed, and to have links to the iTunes store or amazon rather than Audioscrobbler. Apart from that, like I say, it slows down the page quite a lot and the text doesn’t look too pretty.

    has anyone got a more elegant solution for the Mac?


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