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  • I’ve been searching and searching for a nice way to incorporate my bulletin board and gallery software on my site for a while(which looks great with the Ocadia theme but is very narrow) and finally thought of just using iframes and adjusting the size of the iframe with javascript buttons to cover or not cover the sidebar. This solves the problem of width on my site. However, IE refuses to render the iframes on top of the sidebar. Other browsers are fine, just not IE. You can view this in action at and see the correct look and action in Firefox, and then check out the bug in IE. Does anyone know of a way to get around this?

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  • Forcing anything over another element just leads to major problems. You might not be seeing it in other browsers, but it will haunt you.

    I’m not familiar with the Ocadia theme, but why don’t you just change the width within the theme to accomodate the information.

    If you want a different page look for your bulliten board and gallery, different from the rest of the site pages so they accomodate the different width, that can be done, too.

    I would suggest looking on IE help forums. This is really outside of the scope of WordPress support.

    I would avoid using frames for any blog to be honest – they’re certainly not needed, and aren’t exactly elegant when it comes to manipulation. Is there a reason why you chose not to use divs to expand the size? using frames make the page looking quite ugly with those awful scroll bars.

    First, I’m not using frames, I’m using iFrames. They are a W3C standard for adding other content to a page while allowing that content to be fully independent, which divs do not allow. The gallery and forum software are fully independent and cannot just be integrated code-wise into the pages without massive coding efforts. Second, I really like the Ocadia theme, but it is designed in such a way that you can not widen it, nor can you eliminate the sidebar. I may end up having to use a different theme but was hoping someone might know of a way to hack this together. Thanks for the suggestion to pop over to the IE forums.

    The Ocadia theme is lovely, but does indeed have wasted real estate on the sides – so I recommend you contact the theme author and ask their recommendation on how to wide this to meet your needs.

    Themes are a wonderful feature in 1.5 and people are having a lot of fun, including me, messing with them and forcing them to do things the theme author might never have considered. We do our best to provide support here, but we’re not familiar with the inner workings of every theme.

    I checked your site again to see if there was more I could help you with and after 6 minutes, it was still loading, so I gave up. You might be working on it, who knows, but I tried.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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