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  1. defdumbandblind
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm really struggling here...This is the last thing left to do and it's baffling me: I am using the Attachments plugin/script by Jonathan Christopher and it works just fine on out-of-the-box WordPress posts and pages. The problem is that I have a number of Custom Post Types that I need to have this Attachments feature show up on as an admin meta panel when creating or edit custom posts. It shows the meta panel/box when I go to post or editing something in the default WordPress Posts, but in all of my custom post types, the box disappears.

    I have read the Docs of GitHub and, as clear as they are, the solution still eludes me! I know that this is most likely me, needing to add a custom Instance to the code, but I guess I need someone to hold my hand.

    If anyone understands this and has a few moments to explain it to me, I'd be very grateful!

    Thanks in advance everyone...

  2. defdumbandblind
    Posted 2 years ago #


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