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  • elkazuo


    Hello i read on here a lot on you guys seems really helpful i almost always find the answer and now that I got a problem i thought i tried my luck and ask here before i start.

    I’m making a website on wordpress and the ones i have been making for a while now have been for law firms,etc well on those sites it was mostly displaying information etc. but now im making a website for a printing company and well im not sure where to start when it comes to displaying and selling their producs, i know about using a cart i have been looking into eshop and phpurchase and i understand how to use them what im wondering about now is what kind of plug in do i use for the clients to be able to log in and save their carts or options etc and what else do i need to have a button for them to be able to upload whatever it is they need to print.

    Also if you guys have a simpler cart plug in that i could use that displays the info of the product and gives a lot of options you can recommend im willing to try any. At this point my emplyer doesnt want to actually sell anything on the website but have it more for show but i thought i should make it functional. any help would be appreciate it, thanks.

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