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    You need to do some serious reading.

    All your posts and pages will remain visible in using your new theme. It merely puts another face to your blog, the content stays. You can always switch back to your previous theme if you choose to.


    That’s what I thought, but apparently, the pages did not, so I switched back to the default theme until I figure it out.


    I will look at the link, Thank you.




    actually. it appears you dont need to do serious reading after all.. I read your original post to mean that you didnt understand how to use themes. Its obvious that you do ..

    When you switch themes, do you mean that you dont see LINKS to your pages? Or that the pages themselves dont come up?

    I have 4 secondary pages & when I switched, none of them transferred over, just the primary & my archives.

    The pages are still there but most probably the new theme you’re using is showing them. have you tried adding items to your sidebar using widgets?

    Not yet, I panicked & went back to the default until I had more time to devote to the move. But for example, I had a dedication page, about the author page & a definitions page & the template didn’t list any of them, just the ones in which it came with (see this theme: )
    Any ideas? Would some of these issues be removed if I upgraded from WP 2.2.2 to 2.3?

    That theme does NOT display any of your Pages. It has hard coded links to two Pages, that’s all. You need to edit its header.php file and you are done.

    So, I just find out what the code is on the default theme & cut, paste & edit it into a horizontal configuration (rather than it’s current verticle)it into the header.php file & I’m done?

    You don’t even need to copy from default. Just get familiar with the template tag and its parameters (for customizing)

    and replace the hardcoded links with it… I am sure you can manage it 🙂

    Thank you, sometimes it is hard to know where to look for these answers & at other times it is just intimidating, but I don’t give up easily & soon (I hope, maybe you do, too) I should be on the other end of this helping others out.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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