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  • Hi, I’m new to WordPress and have decided to use it to build part of my church’s website. The problem is I don’t know enough about coding to build the template to make it blend in with the rest of the website.

    Would anyone be willing to create the template for me? It’s a pretty simple design.

    you can view the design I am working on at:

    If you could help me please let me know. I’d be willing to pay a small fee to get this done.

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  • Is anyone not willing to help?

    I’m also new to WordPress but would suggest just using a pre-made template that more closely matches your existing white & red website. There appears to be a lot of pre-made templates to choose from, so no need to totally create one from scratch. Your site is currently under construction, right? You could even adjust it (the site) a little to even more closely match the blog template.
    I wish I could be of more help, but I’m still a little in the learning phase with WordPress. I run a small website design company and am attempting to add WordPress to my ‘portfolio’ of abilities.
    Good luck!

    That won’t work. The whole site design is based off of our logo. So I need someone to create the template in WordPress.

    @dsuguy :
    you just need a fluid two column theme from,
    a background image in gif and some header styling via CSS.

    I have no idea how to do that and don’t have the time to learn it.

    I can’t beleive no one is willing to do this….oh well guess I’ll find another blog system where the users are more willing to do something like this.

    After I read your request here last evening, I stayed up until 2:00 am modifying a sandbox layout and attempting to breath something of a little more than only two dimensions of life into your logo (crest). I had intended to tackle it again in earnest this weekend. However, considering the substantially inconsistent layout and color schemes of the existing sites pages, and your now puzzling attitude, I get the impression that no matter if the task is completed gratis, or paid in full with support, you may not be satisfied.

    I can’t beleive no one is willing to do this….oh well guess I’ll find another blog system where the users are more willing to do something like this.

    That smacks of childish selfishness. The few hours work I applied last evening is now in the recycle bin. As well as my good intentions. I guess that’s a offense on me. So I will offer assistance by trying to point you in a direction that may lead to help.

    try here; or here;

    Then you can read this; see section “F”.

    If you are lucky enough to get some help, you may want to pretend you don’t feel like somebody owes it to you.

    Peace, and be well.

    I’m sorry if I came off as an #$@.

    I already have a graphic designer working on the logo. I took the site over only a week or so ago. Maybe had you posted saying you were interested in taking it on it would have prevented me from thinking that WordPress users were not the friendliest of users out there.




    Maybe had you posted …

    meh. its not up to anyone here to ‘impress’ you with our readiness to help.

    Buenas dias. Btw, You didnt come off as an ass, you were an ass. There’s a big difference.

    I’ve tried WordPress but no one there was very helpful at all.

    I’m tagging this to be locked after and IF you provide your contact information, since you mentioned $ in the first post.

    I can be contacted at

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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