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  • Can anyone help DEVELOP a WP widget plugin for me?

    I’m building a website for my hometown. One thing we need is a STATUS INDICATOR for the current water usage and whether or not there is an active burn ban.

    I’ve found a couple of “mood status” plugins that are close to what we need, but not quite right. (eg: MyMood)

    I think a new SIMPLE STATUS plugin/widget would be a neat addition to the world of WP. 🙂

    Here are the basic requirements:

    1. Must be a sidebar widget
    2. Widget must support multiple instances
    3. Widget must have a title field
    4. Must be able to click-select a status icon (jpg file) directly in the widget

    Nice but not necessary:

    1. Custom (short) message field that would appear below the selected/displayed icon

    To keep things relatively simple, all widget instances would refer to a single directory that contains all the available status icons.

    We could include some basic icons like “green light”, “yellow light”, “red light.” The WP Admin would be responsible for designing any additional status icons and putting them in the appropriate directory.

    We could call it “Simple Status”

    I really wish I knew how to write php code. But I’m just a lowly graphic designer. 🙂

    Thanks in advance!!!

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