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  • In my particular theme which is called Affiliate Theme, I need to change the url address for the buy now buttons for the products i’m reviewing. Instead it justs directs me back to the homepage. I have no idea where to find this code and any support would be awesome. My site is You can see the buy now button that im refering to in the right column. Thanks in advance.

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  • Try looking in your widgets or in the theme sidebar.php.

    after extensive search it definitly wasnt in my widgets. Your suggestion for sidebar.php was spot on. thank you. Heres the code I’ve found.

    <div class="topprodright">
                        <p><strong><?php the_title(); ?></strong></p>
    					<p><a>" class="button-black"><?php if($infotext) { echo $infotext;?><?php } else { ?>Read Review<?php } ?></a>   <a>" rel="nofollow" class="button-red"><?php if($buytext) { echo $buytext;?><?php } else { ?>Buy Now<?php } ?></a></p>

    I want to link the product i have shown directly to its page on so my next question is if i change the url in this piece of code will it be the same url with the next product that shows up?

    I don’t think that you want to change the code in here.
    It looks like there are two variables being called here – $buytext and $infotext

    I suspect that each product has a custom field for info and buy. Maybe the url of the product goes in there?

    It might be worth your time to contact the folks at
    Since they’ve built it, they might be able to guide you more efficiently than I.

    thank you Christine I decided to work around it and remove the widget and put the link into my post for the product. work smarter not harder right. again thank you for your suggestions.

    PS…This site is awesome.

    PS…This site is awesome.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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