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  • Just realized I may have posted in the wrong section before (How-to) so reposting here…

    [Moderator note – it does not really matter which forum you post in – they all get answered equally. But it’s not good to post duplicate threads – your other one (and one basically the same from a week ago) have been deleted.]

    I have been working on my blog for an upcoming game and it’s ALMOST done. The only things left to do are some formatting with the links.

    Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get these formatted right and whatever happens seems to just break the layout.

    The Blog itself:
    Temporarily modified Contact page to show one of the issues:

    More or less, some of the pages along the ribbon I want to show/replace where the widgit with the map and character sprites are. So, when clicked, they would show there instead of where the posts are. Unfortunately, everything I’ve tried with the template has just caused the main posts to disappear and make everything else a mess (all I’ve done right is hide the widget itself).

    Besides that, the tabs along the top are supposed to have a big more coding… If you click the first one, Village, you’ll see the first issue. The header text is way too big and is overlapping on the border.

    The second issue is when you click one of the links… Firstly, it opens up in the same section while it’s supposed to open on the right side (thus, always showing the links on the left). Secondly, right now, instead of a scroll bar in the section like how the posts currently are, it just goes outside the card for however long it needs to scroll, stretching the pop-up. :/ (Clicking Characters in the Village section is a good way to see the issue)

    Does anyone have any advice on fixing these things? I’ve had some ideas, but everything has just made it worse x___x So any advice would be great.

    And in summary, need to:
    1. Have certain links when clicked open up on the right side of the book replacing where the widget is.
    2. Fix the size + positioning of the header in the pop-up tabs.
    3. Have it so when a link is clicked in a pop-up tab, it shows on the right side instead of replacing the links on the left.
    4. Have a scroll bar in the card so none of the content goes out of the initial card image.

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  • Switched the contact page back to the normal template as I didn’t want to leave it broken for longer… Can switch back if needed.

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