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  1. troubleticket
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Okay, I run a blog/webcomic over at http://troubleticketcomic.com . What I need is a way to be able to only show the current day's posts on the main site.

    Normally I would just set the post display to "1" and call it a day, but sometimes, one of the other contributors will comment to that days post or have another post to make, and I want that to show up as well.

    On that note...

    I need the posts to show up in reverse chronological order for the day as well. So that if someone comments on a post I make with a new post it shows up underneath mine.

    So that's it. I need a way for the main page to only show the CURRENT day's posts, no matter how many, in reverse chronological order, and nothing else.

    Thanks for all of your help!

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