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  • I have only 5 Text widgets on the widgest page. When pressing “save changes”, all of them are wiped = blank. $#”$” and it sticks like that after I managed to retrieve the contents of one of the widgets “save” and… wiped again…

    Anyone have a solution?

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  • Its still the case, is there any forum out there where there is actually interaction? As soon as I edit one widget the result is either that all the texts of the other text widgets are cleared or some of them.

    So I will now just manually add the code in the sidebar.php page and forget about widgets.

    ive seen people with this problem on these forums before, have you searched?

    Well there should be similar threads, like boober says. One Solution I found so far as being reported is to disable javascript. Have you tried to use the widget admin with javscript set to off instead?

    the problem persist in 2.5.
    my only solution was to re-create my widgets over and over again until it looks good, then not to touch it.
    i think when you modify a text widget and save, all the other text widgets become empty.
    disabling javascript won’t help anybody as 2.5 is more and more AJAX.

    I had some widget issues in the beginning of my 2.5 installation. Some say that it helps to give names to the text widgets and to have not-text-widgets between the text widgets while editing. I don’t have the issue of clearing text widgets myself, but I did upload all widget.php and widget.css files again. What may also help is add a widget, say “aplly changes” (or whatever it says) then change the widget, say “change” in the widget itself, then “apply” again and then work on the next widget.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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