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  • Do you have access to your server’s error logs? If not, can you request them from your host?

    You might also try logging into your site via FTP, renaming each of your plugin folders to deactivate them and then activating them one by one to see if it’s a plugin causing the issue.

    i have no idea 🙁

    What is FTP? Im such a noob i don’t know anything lol

    FTP is a program we use to log in on server to upload and download files and folders
    you can install by getting one

    if you have access to your admin panel, try deactivating all plugins. If you don’t have access to your admin panel, try manually resetting your plugins, using ftp rename plugins folder to plugins_hold and create a blank plugins folder If that resolves the issue, delete blank plugins folder and rename original back to plugins reactivate each one individually until you find the cause.

    Okay i just downloaded filezilla.
    I can’t even log into my wordpress account.

    Im trying to login to filezilla but its not working. How do I find my “port” ?

    with filezilla you do not log in wordpress you log in on server with your server log in info.
    on left box you will your computer files and folders and right you see server files and folders.

    no luck 🙁

    Do I need to type in my Port?

    okay i managed to log in. But the “Remote Site” box is completely empty.

    okay i managed to log in. But the “Remote Site” box is completely empty.

    Who is your host as if you installed wordpress then you should see them on right hand box in root or a folder depending on where you installed wordpress


    Is there any way you can meet me on skype my Id is govindjip so that we can sort your problem out

    thanks so much, i added you !

    Can anyone help mee im trying to finalize my site and add page titles to the header of my page, been trying everything but nothing works.

    Also ive been trying to change my font to marketing script i installed the ttfiles plugin and added the font i just cant get it to show on my sidebar titles or my blog title. Wouldd love and greatly appreciate some help if anyone kinows what to do, my blog is if u need codes let me know.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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